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Berthoud Rural Alternative For Transportation (RAFT)

Information provided by: the Larimer County Department of Human Services

Rural Alternatives for Transportation (RAFT) . Transportation is provided by volunteer drivers for older adults (60 +) and adults with disabilities that prevent driving. RAFT provides services to residents that reside within the Fire Protection District of Berthoud. Potential riders must register with RAFT. Reservations for trips are required three days in advance. Wheelchair accessible services are available. Wheelchair dependent riders must be able to manage their own wheelchair or have an attendant who manages the chair.


  • HoursIndividuals may stop at the Berthoud Senior Center in the Fire Department Annex 248 Welch Ave. for questions or to drop off info.
  • Area(s) Served:Berthoud Fire District outside of Berthoud Town limits for pick up and travel into Berthoud, Loveland or Longmont and adjacent areas.
  • Specific Populations Served:Seniors (60+) and Adults(18+) with disabilities which prevent them from riving
  • Funds:Berthoud Rural Alternative For Transportation is funded through grants and donations
  • Fees:There are no fees for eligible riders; however, contributions are encouraged as RAFT operates under grant awards (e.g., LCOA) and donations.
  • Application Process:Phone 970-532-0808 to complete application or use website
  • Documents Required:Adults with disabilities must provide verification from doctor or clinic that disability prevents driving (temporary or permanent)
  • Eligibility Requirements:Reside within Berthoud Fire Protection District. Full service for rural residents, Restricted services for in-town residents dependent upon Berthoud Area Transportation availability.
  • State Certification and/or License Number:NA
  • Application Wait:Once determined eligible by age or medical condition, there is no waiting time beyond the three-day prior notification for the first trip.
  • Service Wait:Once registered, a three day notice for need for a ride is required. Longer notification is encouraged.
  • Acronym:RAFT
  • Payment/Insurance Accepted:Agencies supporting riders’ transportation costs are accepted.
  • ADA Access:An ADA Van is available for clients dependent upon a wheelchair for mobility
  • Transportation:On-demand, door-to-door, door-through-door volunteer- driver transportation services for eligible riders all weekdays except holidays.


  • English with limited Spanish

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